Glen is well knowledgeable in his field. He answered all our questions. He gave me a perfect fitting hearing aid and I'm very satisfied. I would absolutely recommend him

Tommy, on Google

Yes, I gave this company a 5 star but see why at the end. My insurance referred me to this company and location. The receptionist Ynanda is helpful and professional however the Specialist Glen Kenyon is so UNPROFESSIONAL, NASTY. I got my hearing test in Dec 2023 went back 5...

Monique Ablaza, on Google

The audiologist, Glen was amazing with his professional explanation of using the hearing aids and what to expect. I believe he covered all aspects of any situation I would encounter being a user himself. The staff also follows their boss's professionalism willing to go above and beyond the norm. I...

james johnston, on Google

Great customer service and very professional. Glen goes above and beyond to make you feel like family. Price are competitive, and they stand by there Hearing Aids. Make sure to see Glen.

Minion Knight, on Google

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